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Investor FAQ

Is Tectonic Metals Inc a publicly traded company?

Yes, the common stock of Tectonic Metals Inc. is traded on the TSX / OTCQB / FWB.

What is the company stock/ticker symbol?

Tectonic Metals is traded under the ticker symbol “TECT” on TSX-V, “TETOF” on OTCQB and “T15B” in Frankfurt.

How long has Tectonic Metals been in business?

Tectonic Metals was formed in 2017.

Where is Tectonic Metals located?

The address of our corporate headquarters is: Tectonic Metals Inc., 312-744 West Hastings Street,
Vancouver, BC, Canada, V6C 1A5.

When is Tectonic Metals fiscal year?

Tectonic Metals’ fiscal year ends December 31.

How can I get Tectonic Metals Inc. financial statements?

You may access our SEDAR filings by visiting www.sedar.com or find them on our website at https://www.tectonicmetals.com/investors/financials-and-meetings/.

How do I contact Tectonic Metals Inc. Investor Relations?

Contact info@tectonicmetals.com

I am a current shareholder; how may I obtain more information about Tectonic Metals?

Since Tectonic Metals is publicly traded company shareholder information is distributed only through press releases, our web page or through the SEDAR website. You may email shareholder questions at info@tectonicmetals.com.

Where can I find information about Tectonic Metals executive team?

Refer to our Team page within our website: https://www.tectonicmetals.com/about/#teamIntro.

Who are Tectonic Metals Independent Auditors?

Davidson & Co LLP

Who are Tectonic Metals legal counsel?

Blakes, Cassels & Graydon LLP

Who can I contact for general information about doing business with the Company?

You may receive general information by emailing us at info@tectonicmetals.com

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